More than 60% of the world’s population, according to a United Nations study, is said to have mobile phones.  Roughly over 5 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide.  Reportedly, there will be 5.8 billion mobile subscribers in the world by 2013.

 With such dramatic numbers expected in the mobile (cellular) phone market, concerns have been raised over the last few years about the electromagnetic fields or EMFs transmitted by these types of phones and our health.  Many reports have suggested that EMFs may create health concerns and much study is still being conducted worldwide to determine this.  Until a final determination has been made, exercising a degree of caution is always considered a good course of action.

 When it comes to reducing electromagnetic waves from your cell phone, WinGuard uses pioneering technology specifically designed for mobile phones to help absorb and filter electromagnetic clutter, reduce interference and enhance call quality.  Just position the small, yet powerful, WinGuard sticker over the earpiece of your cell phone to help reduce the electromagnetic fields that may affect your personal environment.



 Uses patented EMS MAX™ technology with a special material to absorb a wide range of mobile phone frequencies ranging from 10-8000 Mhz, as well as impedance matching to help absorb EMFs.

·      Uses patented EMSI™ Clean technology as another innovative protection material for added EMF absorption.

·      Is developed from military stealth technology.

·      Is ultra-thin, flexible, easy to use and stylishly fashionable.

 Created to last 6 years from its date of manufacture, but best when used 2 years after opening, WinGuard offers you an excellent alternative for reducing cell phone EMFs and the effects they may have on our well-being.

 Each box set contains 5 WinGuard stickers.